1. First, use the free Color-Ons Test Transfer in your package. After it is colored iron on to an old white garment using the ironing instructions below. Now you're ready to move onto the larger transfer!
2. A sharp crayon works best! Using any brand of crayon, color in the IMAGE side of the transfer sheet-NOT the side of the transfer sheet with the printed instructions.
3. USE LIGHT PRESSURE WHEN COLORING TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THE SPECIAL COATING ON THE TRANSFER. When applied the colors will be brighter. 4. For best results to prevent smudges, begin coloring the design from the center and work outwards to the edge of the image.
5. Keep the coloring within the outside border of the design. Coloring outside the image will transfer crayon onto your garment.
TIP: To remove crayon from in or around design, wad up a piece of masking tape and GENTLY touch the image. Repeat this as needed BUT carefully.

Preparing the Work Area

1. Use only cotton/polyester or cotton garments. Do not use garments that need to be dry cleaned. Prewash your garment before applying transfer to remove fabric finishes.
2. Set Up your work surface. DO NOT use an ironing board. A hard, clean, smooth surface at least 9" wide is needed. Cover surface with smooth, thin towel.
3. Preheat DRY iron to 350 (usually between cotton and wool settings). If using a steam iron, REMOVE ALL WATER FIRST.
4. Color-Ons must be applied on to ONLY WHITE or light colored garments.

Caring for your Color-Ons Garment

Turn garment inside out. Machine wash in gentle cycle, cold. Avoid harsh detergents and bleach. Remove promptly and line dry or tumble dry on lowest heat setting.
Discolored design Too much heat or pressure. Water remaining in iron.
Poor transfer adhesion Insufficient heat and/or pressure applied.
Water remains in iron.
Insufficient pre-wash, fabric finish remaining.
Design edges lift Insufficient heat and/or pressure applied to edges.
Reuse special transfer paper and reapply heat.
Backing Parchment paper can be substituted.
Black residue around
paper on shirt
Aluminum coated irons when rubbing pressure is excessive.
(remove with small amount of laundry spray)

ironIroning On the Color-Ons Transfer

1. Pre-Heat Garment. Lay garment on towel covered work area and iron area where transfer will be applied until wrinkle free.

2. Place transfer against fabric in desired position, paper side up (coloring side down).

3. Iron transfer one section at a time, side to side. Imagine transfer is divided into sections the width of your iron, as illustrated below. Iron each section for 15 seconds pressing down FIRMLY and steadily, constantly moving iron back and forth (see diagram). NOTE: More than 15 seconds at a time can cause discoloration. Do not move iron in circular motion.

Ironing Pattern

4. Iron from top to bottom. Again, iron transfer one section at a time, but now TOP TO BOTTOM. Press FIRMLY and steadily, constantly moving the iron back and forth for 15 seconds. Iron total transfer.

5. Seal Outside Edges. Once you have ironed the entire transfer, both directions, seal edges by pressing down firmly with iron on outermost transfer outlines. Press each area for 3-5 seconds. Sealed edges are important.

6. COOL. Wait 5 minutes for the garment to cool completely before removing paper.

7. Check design for adhesion. Starting at one corner, slowly peel transfer paper away from garment, making sure the design has completely transferred. If design has transferred satisfactorily, continue immediately to remove paper gently by peeling back away from garment in smooth continuous motion. If design does not adhere to garment, carefully replace transfer paper (clean side down) and repeat instructions in steps 3 thru 6.

8. SAVE THIS TRANSFER PAPER THROUGH AT LEAST TWO WASHINGS OF GARMENT. If transfer lifts during washing, it is not adhered adequately. Re-use transfer paper (clean side down) and repeat steps 3 thru 6.

Additional Product Information

WARRANTY: This product is guaranteed to be free of defects in manufacturing. This Color-Ons transfer is of the highest quality and durability. Buyers exclusive remedy for breach shall be Seller's obligation to replace defective product free of charge. Since there can be no control of the use of this product, no warranties extend to the results obtained nor beyond the description on the face hereof. Color-Ons are patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Customer Service hot line 1-800-247-5988, ask for Color-Ons Retail Dept. Representative. 8:30am - 4:30pm Central Time Mon.-Fri. Or Email,

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