THERMOSTAT (HEAT SETTING): The Thermostat is at the front of the Heater Head - a little Black Dial. This raises or lowers your temperature.

WARM UP: Allow about 15 minutes to reach temperature setting.

TIMER: The Timer is the WHITE Dial at the back of the Heater Head. This buzzes when you have reached a preset time for your application.

ON - OFF SWITCH: There is a toggle switch to turn off and on the machine at the back of the Heater Head below the timer dial. When the machine is ON a RED LIGHT will glow next to the switch.

The machine runs off a standard 120 Volt outlet.

The Heater Head does get hot - keep kids away to avoid an accident. Setting it on a separate table away from people is recommended. For the operator, handle with caution as you would a hot hand iron.

SPACE FOR HEAT PRESS: Make sure you have plenty of space for the heatpress to allow for the Heater Head to swing back and forth when applying garments.


For Application on WHITE cotton or poly/cotton blends

Temperature: Set at 350 degrees for applying Color-Ons. No higher. Start with the temperature knob at the halfway setting and if needed, adjust slightly every 10 minutes to reach 350 degrees.

Time: 12-15 seconds.

Pressure: Medium, not light. Too little pressure and the Color-Ons will not adhere onto the shirt.

1. Preheat T-shirt for 3 seconds. Swing heat platen completely away from shirt.

2. Lay out t-shirt on rubber pad. Place transfer face down on garment. Make sure the imprint area is within the rubber pad.

(TIP- center and position the Color-Ons 3 inches below the neck of the t-shirt)

3. Swing heat platen over shirt & press for 12-15 seconds.

4. Swing head platen away

5. PEEL COLD: COOL for 30 seconds - Slowly remove paper in a smooth even motion.

If any edges of Color-Ons appear to not be adhered, replace paper and repeat steps 2-5.

TEST APPLICATIONS: Get a scrap t-shirt and cut a Color-Ons into 4 pieces. Apply one at a time to adjust the heat/pressure setting until satisfied.

MACH III INC. dba Color-Ons 1-800-247-5988

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